Hi There! I’m Denise Fair and I am excited to embark on this journey with you!

Autumn 2015 marked a new chapter in my life. My oldest son, Nick, was 24 years old and living in Clifton Park, NY. He was (and still is) doing nicely at carving out his place in the world. My second oldest, Michael, was 21 and working for the same company that my husband works for, as a certified welder. My two younger children; Lindsey, 14 and Devon, 13 had both just entered a wonderful Christian school after being homeschooled literally since they were born.

Everyone was in a good place. All my proverbial ducks were in a nice neat proverbial row.

So why wasn’t I content?

I had big plans. You know the kind.

“When the kids go to school, I’m going to go to exercise class every morning. I’m going to go to two ladies’ groups every week. I’m going to volunteer at the food pantry every Wednesday. I’m going to serve at the rescue mission every Friday.” And so it goes…

The truth is I tried to do most of these things and something was still very wrong. I prayed and asked God to show me what it was that He had for me to do. I hadn’t found it yet.

You see I was called beyond any doubt to homeschool my children. It fulfilled every part of me in a rich, living, breathing, kind of way. I also knew that it was time to move them into the Christian school we had chosen. The many blessings have proven it time and time again. I wish I could say that knowing that made things easier, but it didn’t.

I was talking to a friend about my struggle and she asked me what my husband, Jim, had to say about it all. I hadn’t asked. It seems obvious now that he should have been second only to prayer. So, I asked.

He said, “I think you should write.” Period. End of conversation. My husband is a man of few but powerful words.

He knew that I loved to write in high school. I was the feature editor and writer on my high school newspaper, a writer for our literary magazine, and an editor on the year book. I then went on to major in journalism at Penn State University (although life interfered before I could finish). Before I became a wife and a mother, I thought nothing would be more fulfilling then being a published writer.DSCF0638

The problem was that writing spurs on writing. What I mean by that is, ideas flow from other moving, flowing thoughts. The first word of anything written is always the toughest one to produce.

I sat in front of this laptop day after day and nothing came to mind. Write. Write what? To whom? How?

Then I found Compel Training (www.compeltraining.com) and author Lysa Turkeurst. Her online training was priceless to me. Not only was she retraining me in the techniques of effective writing, she was inspiring. One of the first video lessons that I did was on developing healthy writing habits. She spoke to me as a writer. She called me a writer. Me.

It made me feel like a writer, believe I was a writer.

After this video, I sat and stared out my French doors into the beauty of the day. With tears filling my eyes, I had a vision that day. At least that is what I call it. I saw in my mind a large circle of women. Lysa was there and so was Beth Moore, Stormie Omartian, Joyce Meyers and many others. Among them was a gap in the circle. I saw them motioning to me to come and stand up with them in the gap. I felt like God was saying, “Now is the time for you to work for me. Write the things that I show you down and share it with others. It is time to stand in your place.”

Some things you need to know. I’m not special but I have a ton of life experience and years of Bible study under my belt. I’m not perfect. There will be lots of days where I’m not going to be good enough to bring you anything worthy of your time, but I know the One Who is More Than Enough and He will never waste your time!

God has given me the capacity to love any and all readers who come along on this journey with me…no matter how many or few. I will always be careful to do my very best for you. I’ll handle God’s Word prayerfully, lovingly, uncompromisingly, and reverently. I’ll handle my relationship with you with respect, sincerity, transparency, and love. It is my hope and prayer that we find some joy and laughter along the way as we encourage one another on this journey!




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