Cancer of the Soul




I sat in my chair in a small Sunday school classroom looking at a handsome man writing on the chalk board (yes, I said “chalk board”…it was that long ago). The man was my Sunday school teacher, who later became my husband, Jim. The words that he scrawled across the board were, “Comparison is cancer of the soul”.




I cannot tell you for the life of me what else he said that day, but that phrase has hung in the rafters of my brain ever since.


Cancer is an ugly word. Cancer is an ugly disease. My mom died of cancer. It festered for years and she tried to ignore it. Finally, after gargantuan pressure from her family, she sought treatment. Right in the midst of chemotherapy it snuck up her spinal column and attacked her brain!


I’ll spare us both and not disclose more detail. You get the picture.


It’s sneaky.


It’s destructive.


It’s merciless.


What cancer is to the body, comparison is to the soul.


It ravages our self-worth, steals our confidence, and diverts our focus from a loving God to our “pitiful self”.


Or maybe it’s even worse. Maybe, just maybe, it puffs us up with pride, fills us with hauntiness, and makes feel like “god”.


How do we protect ourselves in a world that is filled with Facebook fabulous lives, Pinterest perfect homes, and Twitter tantalizing gossip?


Honestly, I struggle with this, as I suspect most women do.


My only answer is…the more time I spend in HIS WORD the better off I am.




First of all, it naturally limits my time with carcinogenic social media that can tear at my soul. Every minute spent reading, studying, and meditating on His Word is a minute not being spent on Facebook.


Secondly, it reminds me who I am, who God is, and what is truly important.


Third, it refreshes my soul and makes it stronger. I love spending time in Psalms when I feel a little beaten up by life.


Unlike physical cancer, the spiritual cancer of comparison has a cure.


“Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble and He saved them from their distress. He sent forth His Word and healed them; He rescued them from the grave.”

(Psalm 107:19 &20)





6 thoughts on “Cancer of the Soul”

  1. Beautiful. I too lost my Momma to cancer in 2007 on Thanksgiving morning. After her diagnosis she was gone in less than 5 weeks. It had also spread to her brain.

    1. Thank you, Mikki Jo. Sorry to hear about your mother. Coincidently, my mom past away the day before Thanksgiving (November 23,2011).

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