Feet Like His




His feet were bronze glowing in a furnace, and His voice was like the sound of rushing waters.”   Revelation 1:15 (NIV)


When my two oldest boys, Nick (now 24) and Michael (now 22), were feisty little guys, they were into mischief at every opportunity. Once, I walked through my back door to find Michael holding an empty container of dish soap. Beside him sat a baby pool full of sudsy water. I removed the bottle from his hands and passed judgement with the speed of a race horse pressing for the finish line. As Michael spent that sunny afternoon in his bedroom, banished from the pool, Nick played carefree in a freshly refilled pool. Later, after Michael had been disciplined, I found out that his older brother was the responsible party.

I bought into my oldest son’s schemes hook, line, and sinker. I was always busy. Too busy to judge fairly. Quick to blame and quick to pass out consequences. Both my sons suffered for it because one was treated unjustly, bearing consequences that did not belong to him. One was left go free of consequences that would have proven valuable in his training and learning experiences.

In our key verse today we learn that Jesus had feet that were bronze. I recently heard Rick Renner teaching on this verse and he said that this Greek word for bronze only appears here in Revelation and nowhere else in the Bible. He also defined it as meaning that it was bronze and frankincense. My curious mind would not stop milling over those facts. I looked it up and sure enough he was right. The Greek word is chalkolibanon, a compound word made up of chalkos: a vessel of brass and libanos: frankincense.

According to Mr. Renner, the bronze symbolizes judgment and the frankincense symbolizes prayer. Jesus, our Lord and Savior not only judges us He also prays for us.

I always had this image of Him praying and making regular intercession on my behalf. I know He prays continually for all the saints. I know that we pray to the Father in His Precious name.

What finally hit me was that He not only judges justly, He judges PRAYFULLY!

I didn’t know this truth twenty years ago when I was staring into a gazillion bubbles that warm summer day. I didn’t know Jesus at all. But, thankfully I know Him now.

Each passing day I long to grow more and more into His likeness.

Join me today as I pray for abundant growth in this area. To be like Jesus in prayerfully accessing all situations, SLOW TO JUDGE AND ABUNDANT IN MERCY.



May we have feet like that of Your Son and Savior. May we be prayerful in every move we make especially those in which we need Your superior discernment. May we be ever mindful to come to the Only One who judges justly.

In Jesus name,







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