Flannel Pajamas and a Babe in a Manger




Silver tinsel hung from my hair as I reached into a pile of gifts under the Christmas tree. Excitedly, I searched for one with my name written on it. My sister and brother bounced from gift to gift alongside me. Mom sat smiling and giggling with my baby sister in her lap while Dad grimaced as we nearly knocked down the tree. I picked up a gift wrapped in pretty paper.

The card read…

To: Denise

From: Santa

Tickled, I tore open the present. Inside the box, under red tissue paper lay a pair of flannel pajamas. Hmmm, I thought, in my seven year old mind. Funny, these look just like the pajamas that my Mom makes for me. Santa’s elves must have the same pattern.                                              New_1_DSCF0717

Of course, I realized not too far down the road of life that my mom did indeed make those fuzzy, warm, flannel pajamas. That realization made the memory even more precious to me because I felt the love of my mom every time I wore them.

It’s so easy to mix up things around the holidays as frenzied excitement fills the air.

I heard on the news recently that eighty percent of the population buys gifts for themselves while shopping for others. I have been guilty of this. I’ve actually done it at times without even realizing it. I’m out and about in the stores and malls more and I see something that I need at a deep discount and it goes home with me.

Marketers are brilliant at this stuff. They know just how to entice the weary shopper into craving instant gratification.

We can easily be swayed during this season of pretty packages, joyful carols, heartwarming movies, and tasty cookies.

May we not lose sight of the Baby in the manger. That cute little baby wrapped in

swaddling clothe was the Lamb of God. The greatest gift known to mankind. The

gift of everlasting life from a Loving, Divine Father.

Mom’s love for me was in that box all those years ago in the form of a pair of handmade pajamas.

God’s love for me and for you was in the form of a tiny baby in a manger that first Christmas morn.




Born to die for you and for me.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”   John 3:16




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