A Quiet Place

photo credit: Lindsey Fair
photo credit: Lindsey Fair

This blog has been rather silent lately. The last few months have been a time of quietness and drawing closer to God in as much stillness as life would allow. It’s been a truly humbling time.  Many life issues have come and gone.  Some were handled well. Some were not.

I felt as if my life was moving off center. Suddenly it was as if my Savior placed His hand on my shoulder and gently told me to sit down.  I was looking to others for approval and affirmation.  My feet were on shaky ground.

But, now as time has passed, I feel myself getting full. There are many devotionals rolling through my head.  In everything I do I see God’s fingerprints.  Everything I hear brings a message from the Father.  He has been teaching me something in practically every moment of the day.  I’m on the verge of overflow and trying to carve out time to write.

I’ll be sharing soon.