Reflecting on Parenting…Our Journey Through Asperger’s Syndrome, Part Two



The rain was coming down in sheets as I sat in my car and watched one of my kids’ teachers hold up a little stop sign so the passing cars wouldn’t plow through a gaggle of freshly released school students. He was wearing a bright yellow rain poncho and animated in his motions. I watched for a few minutes and then Devon coming bobbing down the steps toward the crosswalk.

The teacher started yelling something at him. He seemed to be straining as he discussed something of seemingly great importance with my son. Even from the distance of my vantage point, I could see veins popping out of the surface of his forehead.

My heart sank a little. I was hoping with great fervor that Devon hadn’t done anything wrong for which he was receiving a scolding, right there in the pouring rain.

He was fourteen and we had come a long way in those eleven years that passed since the journal entry I had talked about in the last post (Tuesday, January 26, 2016).  We’ve had years of occupational therapy, conversational speech therapy, social skills classes and abundant prayer!

Devon was surrounded by a family who loved and cared for him. We came to understand his condition better as we went through family counseling and read a copious amount of books on the subject. We homeschooled Devon and Lindsey through seventh grade and placed in a loving, encouraging, academically challenging Christian school for the past few years.

But most importantly we prayed! We prayed that Devon come to know God and Jesus Christ and that his relationship with the Lord transform his mind, body, and spirit into the person that he was created to be.

As Devon sat himself down in the car that rainy day, I held my breath and asked what his teacher was yelling to him. He responded to me with smile that lit up his entire face.  He said that he had written a word puzzle that this man, his logic teacher, could not figure out and it was driving him crazy!

I exhaled deeply with a prayer of thanksgiving on my breath.

God is so faithful!

“See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.”    Matthew 18:10

Do you have a child with emotional, learning or social issues?

Press into God in faith through prayer! Hear His voice and feel His love.

I’m praying for you!

Please share as you feel led.



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